Show Up With AdPro


In today's competitive society, a key component of succeeding in business is optimising your marketing and capitalising all leads that come your way. 

Fortunately for Kiwis, with Sopro's AdPro package, we provide you with all the tools necessary to track and monitor all of your leads. Not only will you be better equipped to prevent any potential leads from slipping between your fingers, but you'll also have unprecedented information to fine tune your marketing strategy.

Sopro's AdPro provides you with a detailed report of your current campaign, giving you a better understanding of your customers and market, so you can adjust your advertising strategies accordingly. With Sopro's AdPro. not only will you be on the cutting-edge of the digital marketing industry, but you'll have the competitive advantage over your competition. The many benefits you'll receive from Sopro's AdPro include:

Third Party Integration

Sopro's Lively system integrates seamlessly with other systems such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google DoubleClick, Marin, Kenshoo, and Acquisio. This allows you to discover how effective your online advertisement campaigns are, giving you the advantage of being able to adjust your strategies accordingly with what is working or any improvement you wish to make.

Marketing Intelligence

Determine call source, call trends and status of the calls in one platform. Our cutting-edge marketing intelligence lets you tweak a current campaign to help generate more leads.

Flexible Routing

Sopro's AdPro system is easily customisable, allowing you to route calls by day, location, or to your mobile. There’s no need to buy additional hardware to get these features. Everything can be done online in one simple package.

Real-time Portal

Real-time portal is an innovative way of being able to obtain the necessary data you need to be able to effectively analyse your communication services. You have access to extensive knowledge at the click of a button on the Sopro portal. Our portal is capable of tracking caller location and identifying caller intent.

Call Recording

Sopro's call recording feature allows a more comprehensive approach when it comes to analysing your company's communication over the phone. Call recording allows you to have an insight on all the calls you answered, allowing your company to identify mistakes and discover best practices. As an added benefit, having your calls recorded gives you the ability to have verbal contract agreements documented.

Accurate Cost Per Lead

While it might have been previously impossible to know exactly which marketing tactics were producing results for your business, thanks to Sopro's AdPro system you can now discover the real cost of acquiring leads. This allows you to have more control on your advertising budget.

Unique Tracking Numbers

Discover which keywords, PPC ads, or referring banners are generating the best leads for your company, so you can allocate more resources to the right areas.

Click to Call

With millions of people using their smartphones every day, the “click to call” feature provides convenience to both users and your company, as they can now contact you with the click of a button. Our "click to call" gives you an edge over your competitors, as your potential customers have an easier way of contacting you and it also encourages them to call you when they are still browsing your website.

Captured "Missed" Call Details

Did you just miss a call because the line was too busy? No problem. Sopro's AdPro captures the callers’ data so you can call them back. This helps increase your potential of gaining a new client while also showcasing that you have great administrative skills.