Closing the Gap With Customers


One of the key components of running a successful business is making the most of every opportunity, particularly in regards to converting potential customers.

 Of course, an important part of converting prospective clients is ensuring that they can get hold of you and you can get in touch with them. Whether it's missing calls due to the office being closed, or simply being too busy to answer a call, there are multiple reasons that can lead to a business letting possible leads slip through their fingers.


That is why Sopro are proud to offer businesses all the communication tools you need to optimise customer communication, so you can minimise any lost lead possibilities. As your solution to business communications, Sopro have a number of features that will make it easier than ever for your customers to reach you. 


0800 Numbers and 0508 Numbers

Here at Sopro, we offer a range of different numbers that can be utilised to effectively fulfil any business phone requirements, but our most popular feature is our toll-free numbers. Our 0800 and 0508 numbers make it easier for your clientele to get in contact with you, without having to worry about receiving call charges. Sopro provide you with a cheap toll free number, so your business can reap the benefits of your very own 0800 NZ or 0508 NZ number.

Geo Numbers

When you're a small and growing business, it's important to make your presence felt everywhere. With one of SEO's Geo numbers, we help you extend your presence to areas that otherwise might be out of reach. Our Geo numbers allow you to mask your actual number, allowing you to appear locally to customers who don't necessarily live in your area. Geo numbers have become popular as they provide your business with a  means of reaching out into another marketplace without needing to be based in that area.

Call Distribution

Have a business number already? Sopro offer a number of ways to help you fully utilise your current line. After all, a lot of businesses find that having a simple work line is hardly ideal, as when you're busy tending to one call or simply not in the office, it leaves you prone to missing any calls from potential customers that might come through. Sopro's call distribution system allows you to divert any work calls, so that they follow you to your mobile or a colleague, or even simply another elected landline or mobile number, so you don't lose any business opportunities due to missed calls.

Call Forwarding

Here at Sopro, we understand the importance of answering business phone calls. Unfortunately, more often than not, it is easier said than done as most calls come at a time when you are either on the go or unavailable to take the call. However, with Sopro's call forwarding services, your company can effectively answer all of those hard-to-take phone calls so you don't have to pass up on potential opportunities.


One of the ways in which Sopro continues to stay at the forefront of the digital marketing field is that we continuously set out to search for innovative solutions and our voice-to-email feature certainly represents the cutting-edge of the industry. In order to check your voicemail, you can simply log-in to your email, as all voicemail messages are converted to audio files and sent directly to your email address. This feature not only provides you with a verbal message, but can also deliver you the message in the form of text.

Customised Greeting

First impressions are an integral part of the business environment. In order to attract customers, companies need to make sure that they are delivering an impressive first impression. By utilising a personalised greeting, it gives you the ability to impress potential customers by showcasing the professionalism and personality of your business. This first impression is often lasting and will not only factor into whether the customer decides to conduct business with you, but will also provide the foundations of how they view your company. A personal welcome and phone options menu encourages potential clientele, reassuring them that they are dealing with a professional team who puts effort into all the small details, including their phone system.