Instant Results at Affordable Rates


When it comes to fast and efficient results, you can't go past Sopro's Pay-Per-Click service.

Google Services in Auckland

We get your business visible on search engine results pages, so your potential customers can find you easier than ever. Our AdWords Pay-Per-Click package is designed to deliver you results and maximise your conversion rate at the cheapest price possible.

Pay per Click (PPC) Services in Auckland

Not only that, but as Google Partners, when you choose Sopro's Pay-Per-Click package, you can rest easy knowing that you are working with experts in the industry. Our team of experts have a great understanding of Google and our search engine optimisation techniques reflect this, designed to get you results in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Superior Optimisation

As a business, why would you keep using something that isn't working or simply not delivering results? If you think your campaign could do with a kick-start, Sopro has the perfect solution for you. Our team of specialists are highly skilled and trained at analysing your campaign to ensure everything is on track to achieving the set goals. Our expert pay-per-click team use both portfolio-based and rule-based bidding strategies to ensure that you continue to get optimised results.

Winning Sales Ads

With business in today's society reaching unprecedented levels of competitiveness, it's crucial to make the most of any edge you can get over your competition. With Sopro's pay-per-click service, you'll have just that, as we utilise our experience to create ads for your business that are specifically designed to attract your target market and lead them to your website.

Complementary Landing Page

Even if your business doesn't have an existing website we can still help you out, as upon signing up for Sopro's pay-per-click package you will receive the added benefit of a complementary landing page created just for you. With this brand new landing page, it allows us to get your campaign up and running as quickly as possible.

Maximise Market Reach

When it comes to successful business, one of the key elements is ensuring you are maximising your market reach. Sopro's professional team of pay-per-click experts are here to help you do just that, using our years of experience and expertise to ensure that you are using the best keywords to reach the largest field of people possible. Not only that, but we take pride in doing all of this whilst also keeping your budget and target market in mind.

Campaign Analysis

As a business, you want to ensure that your campaign is hitting all the targets and achieving the results you set our for. The specialist team at Sopro are able to handle that for you. We are constantly monitoring and optimising your pay-per-click campaign, analysing what is working for your campaign in terms of the keywords that are being used, so we can look to utilise your budget in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Effective Targeting

At Sopro, we don't simply set out to make your company appear on Google - we endeavour to manoeuvre your campaign in a way that it reaches your target audience as effectively as possible. Our team of experts identify and utilise broad match, phrase match and exact match keywords, so you can reap the benefits of a successful campaign as soon as possible. This also gives you the option of choosing between optimising your page for thousands of related searches or for a few hundred highly specific searches.