Beautifully simple online shopping experience for Chemacy customers

Intuitive and responsive e-commerce website

Chemacy has been established by one of New Zealand’s largest Pharmacy retail groups, they have been in business in NZ for over 55 years. Their buying power and experience enables them to not only offer lower prices over a wide range of products but also constantly monitor what’s hot across all categories and offer weekly specials on latest products and trends.

Our brief was to create an intuitive and responsive e-commerce website that makes it easier for customers to complete their orders and encourages brand loyalty. More than a half of users currently visit online stores through mobile devices. Due to this, we focused on making pages load as quickly as possible along with optimising all on page product and promotional content.

Chemacy mobile experience

Website Design & Development

Solid grid structure, constant look and feel and a clutter-free layout.

No one wants to be overwhelmed with information and content. By utilising a solid grid structure we developed a layout with a constant look and feel throughout the site, while allowing content to be clear and pages clutter-free. Proper whitespace usage helped us improve readability and allowed the products to stand out better.

Chemacy Responsive
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