Seventh Day Studio

Helping Seventh Day Studio bring creative tattoo minimalism to life

Ideas are useless unless used

Seventh Day Studio is a team of artists who take pride in producing fresh and original designs made in their own unique style. Sharing a passion for artwork, design and tattoos, we collaborated with Seventh Day Studio to create a minimalist, sophisticated portfolio website for their team.

Our brief was to create an immersive portfolio site that challenged the look and feel of the traditional tattoo parlors, but at the same time, make it easier for their clients to look through their masterpieces and choose a tattoo master.

seventhday tattoo
seventhday tri
seventhday hannah

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

We created a beautiful and clean, values focused website.

We conducted in-depth market & competitor research before executing the best practices in user experience design. We were briefed on 3 important requirements from the client: Mobile-First, Minimalist Design, User-Friendly Experience. That resulted in a beautiful and clean website, values focused, refined look and feel that reflects not only Seventh Day Studio’s values but also their target audience aesthetic.

seventhday mobile website
seventhday mobile website
seventhday minimalist website design

Customer focused design

Seventh Day Studio had gained a large social media following with Instagram and Facebook playing a large role in link referrals. Many of their customers currently visit the website through a mobile device. We focused on making pages load as quickly as possible along with optimising all photography and promotional video content.

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