Leveraging Social Media for Better SEO Results

While social media marketing and SEO may seem like very separate disciplines, they actually work exceptionally well together. Aligning your social media and SEO strategies can create an invaluable symbiotic relationship that drives more qualified traffic and better conversions from organic search.

Here are some of the key ways New Zealand businesses can leverage social media for SEO wins:

1. Increase Brand Signals 

Having active social profiles on all major platforms acts as a set of strong domain authority signals. The more quality engagement your branding content generates across social media, the more authoritative your brand appears to search engines.

2. Trigger Higher Rankings 

According to recent studies, pages with aligned social sharing buttons can lead to over 150% higher search rankings. This “social signal” indicates external endorsement. Ensure blog posts, product pages etc. make it easy for readers to share your content.

3. Expand Keyword Targeting

Analyse hashtags and keywords your audience engages the most with on social platforms. Identify relevant topics to then integrate and optimise pages around the same high-volume topics driving conversations.  

4. Generate More Backlinks

Sharing your newly published content across social media helps put it in front of more potential referrers and backlink sources. Landing just a few high authority backlinks can notably boost search visibility. 

5. Increase Click-Through Rates  

Featuring social sharing numbers and buttons alongside organic listings has been proven to improve CTRs by over 64%. This metric further elevates search rankings.

With a thoughtful strategy, you can use social platforms both to directly improve domain authority and funnel qualified visitors to your website. Align SEO and social efforts for the best chance of search engine success.

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